Why Does My Husband Ignore Me?

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a coupe sitting on the sofa and not talking together, symbolizing the topic why does my husband ignore meWhy does my husband ignore me? We all want to feel freedom and acceptance. When we perceive rejection or disapproval our tendency is to protect ourselves. Some people lash out and some people shut down. These are not ideal coping skills; however, it takes awareness intention to do it differently. If your husband is ignoring you, it is worth exploring if he is seeking freedom or acceptance by disconnecting from you.

Since we cannot control what other people are thinking, feeling or doing; we are better off focusing on what you can do! This means focusing on your part, and not analyzing him to death.

Analyzing or blaming are definite relationship no no’s. When asking yourself “why does my husband ignore me?” I want you to switch the question to a self-focused inquiry.

Try this instead: “Am I doing all that I can to be a loving spouse?”

What does a loving spouse look like? Here are some really important things to consider.

Are You Still Asking Yourself, “Why Does My Husband Ignore Me”?

Watch the video below or scroll down to read more about the four things you can do today to improve your marriage.

In the course of your relationship, have YOU done these 4 things?

#1 Practiced unconditional love and acceptance with each other

This means not trying to change your partner and not passing judgement.

There is a way to ask for what you need without damaging your relationship.

#2 Consistently spoken openly and vulnerably with each other about your needs, struggles and gratitude, not harboring any secrets.

This means sharing the things that are difficult to share, even if there are consequences.

Too often I hear couples say “I didn’t want to hurt his feelings” or “I felt guilty and afraid”. If you avoid emotional consequences, you are damaging your relationship.

#3 Supported each other by facing any tough issues and seeking help.

Some examples would be issues related to career, crisis, family conflict, sex, self-worth, addiction or health problems.

The majority of marriages that end in divorce never seek help and the ones that do get help often wait too long. Not asking for help is a symptom of shame and insecurity.

To have a close and intimate relationship, you need to be willing to be vulnerable with each-other and trusted advisors.

#4 Prioritized each other, making it clear that things like work, children, money or image are not a greater priority.

You may not know how to prioritize your partner.

Our current culture teds to promote instant gratification and selfishness over intimacy and unconditional love. You may not even realize the selfish things you are doing in the name of “caring” for someone else.

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If one or more of these things are lacking, there is a good chance that your husband has checked out because it is easier for him to avoid the problem rather than remain present to the pain of failure or rejection. If you want some support, call me at (561) 221-5575 or schedule your on the house consultation now!

I understand that being ignored feels painful and that your own feelings of rejection are overwhelming.

Please watch the video for a more detailed look at “Why does my husband ignore me” and please subscribe to our love newsletter and leave a comment below if you have found this helpful!

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