Work Life Balance: Making Time In The Bedroom

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a couple in the bedroom, man with back to woman, woman with worried face, symbolizing the issues that can appear in the bedroom when the work life balance isn't thereAre you experiencing the results of work life balance issues in the bedroom? Stressed out, overwhelmed, tightly wound, racing thoughts…sexy right? Nope!

Prioritizing work over personal needs or the needs of our partner is an intimacy killer. Whether you are dating, in a committed relationship or you are married, you are likely to face this issue.

For some, sex is plentiful in the start of a relationship because of 1. The novelty and 2. The chemicals that are released in our brains in the first 2 years of a relationship.

Once that time has passed, intimacy and connection (emotional and sexual) require conscious effort.

[bctt tweet="Relationships cannot withstand prolonged periods of de-prioritization."]

Not only do our partners become resentful, but our bodies and minds become shut down to connection. We start to become numb and unaware of how our choices are impacting our relationship in the bedroom. For those with an ongoing and consistent sex drive, you may not recognize that maintaining the connection and keeping it interesting is important to your partner. For those that have fluctuating sex drive, you may not want to face how sexual withdraw can damage your relationship.

[bctt tweet="Feeling or being sexually rejected is one of the greatest vulnerabilities couples face."]

Watch the video below to learn more about how finding work life balance helps you to make time in the bedroom, or scroll down to read the highlights.

I see so many couples that share painful feelings about feeling less important than their partner’s job. This ultimately leads to emotional and sexual disconnection.

Four Ways To Make Work Life Balance Work In The Bedroom

Here are some ways to create more work life balance by making time in the bedroom:

Way #1: Set work limits and stick to them.

Sometimes we don’t realize how many times we want to complete “one more thing”. Productivity is important, however it is not the most important thing. The desire to be productive can be driven by many things. Sometimes we work too much because we are already feeling lonely or isolated. The solution is the same.

Way #2: Be aware of your own well-being.

Slow down and simplify. What are the most important things in your life? How well are you functioning? How happy or satisfied are you feeling? The answers to these questions will likely correlate to the health of your relationship in the bedroom.

Way #3: Communicate with your partner and do things that create connections.

This means asking questions and listen without being defensive. Make time to have open dialogue as well as time for activities that will strengthen your bond. Instead of relying on TV for date night, read a book together, watch the stars, go for a walk, hold hands! You will be creating healthy patterns for yourself, your relationships and setting the tone for physical Intimacy.

Way #4: Know what works for you in the bedroom and make a conscious choice to create that space.

Remember that novelty is important to the brain. Choose to be creative in your relationship and in the bedroom. Too often we use our creative energy at work and then leave the scraps for our partners. Think sexy thoughts and you will feel sexier. Be willing to ask for what you need instead of hoping your partner will read your mind!

If you are in an unending loop of overworking, feeling disconnected from your partner and dissatisfaction about your sex life it is probably time to evaluate your priorities. Date your partner instead of your job. I promise its more rewarding in the long run!

If you struggle dealing with work life balance issues, call me at (561) 221-5575 or fill out my on the house consult and we will find your win-win.

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